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Koen Hillewaert

Koen Hillewaert

Born in Ostend (Belgium) in 1964, Koen Hillewaert grew up near Bruges. After finishing his degree in Physical Education at the University of Leuven, he started to work in the field of Information Technology. And indeed, technology always proved to be of interest to him. Despite owning some analogue cameras, it was only with the arrival of the first digital cameras that true passion aroused. The first models were his own kids and later, driven by the development of the social photography network Flickr, the camera became an important part of his life patterns. Influenced by the strobist movement created by David Hobby, his photographs turned out to become stories.
ā€œIā€™m fascinated by people, space & light. Capturing moments where perspective, scale, time and distance momentarily become intangible. My photographs contemplate that condition. The magic lies in the stories they create while looking at them.
I have an urge to investigate and an urge to share, both knowledge I gathered and pictures I created.ā€



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